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History of the company

Business Trend LLC was founded in 1991.

 5 sk In may 2019, Business Trend LLC and a group of friendly certification companies formed BT GROUP in order to ensure a high level and successful implementation of services related to fuel and energy projects.

Main stages of the company's development:

The 90's

 inf 01 Time for serious investments of Business Trend LLC in the scientific and methodological field, in human and material resources, as well as technical, legal and administrative study of inspection issues in relation to the specifics of the oil and gas complex.
 inf 02 The company's employees carried out a lot of preparatory work in terms of analysis of both international practice and requirements of the domestic oil and gas industry, the formation of methodological procedures, regulatory framework, and the creation of an "engineering backbone" of leading industry specialists invited from specialized research institutes, oil and gas, production, and construction companies.
 inf 03 We created a network of inspection units at manufacturing plants staffed by qualified personnel and with suitable equipment, well-functioning system of information exchange and traceability.

The 1st decade of the 2000s

inf 04 The company's participation in the implementation of major oil and gas projects
inf 05 Intensive development of the network of inspection units at manufacturing enterprises
inf 06 Expansion of the range of inspected products and portfolio of orders
inf 07 Active work with oil companies, metallurgical consortiums, and construction contractors
inf 08 Expansion of the geography of work performed and going beyond the Russian Federation - opening branches in Bulgaria and Italy
inf 09 Performance product quality control and acceptance in the CIS, the European Union, Argentina, Japan, China, etc.
inf 10 In order to constantly meet the requirements and expectations of Customers and Consumers, as well as to achieve our strategic goals, the company began to develop and implement a quality management system (QMS). The result of this work is a successful annual confirmation of the current QMS

The 2nd decade of the 2000s

 inf 11 The company continues its active development and participates in implementation of projects of global impact
 inf 12 The range of inspected products covers almost all types of oil and gas equipment and materials used for the development, production, transportation, and processing of hydrocarbons
 inf 14 In connection with the expansion of the company's activities, the quality management System (QMS) also expands its scope of application – we created and implemented an Integrated quality management system (IMS).

Present time

 about15 As an independent inspection company, Business Trend LLC is part of BT GROUP, an international group of companies whose strategic focus is inspection and expert support of projects in the fuel and energy, engineering and construction sectors
 inf 15 Business Trend LLC, as part of BT GROUP, has international ISO/IEC 17020 accreditation and is certified at all possible levels of conformity assessment: international (AFNOR) - compliance with requirements of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 29001:2020, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, national (GOST R) - compliance with requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2015 (ISO 9001:2015); and corporate (recognition as an independent inspection body in Voluntary Certification System INTERGAZSERT).
 inf 16 Our company is implementing a new approach to inspection performance - remote inspection and execution of remote Vendor/Supplier technical audits








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